Darwin sought to not only produce a new scientific truth, but also to put an end to polygenism, the current scientific discourse on human origins that gave tacit and at times explicit support for slavery: ‘... when the principle of evolution is generally accepted, as it surely will be before long, the dispute between the monogenists and polygenists will die a silent and unobserved death.’ (Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, p. 235)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Until Darwin only $20 (80% off) one week only from Pickering and Chatto

I just learned that my publisher, Pickering and Chatto, is offering Until Darwin for a special price this week:  https://www.pickeringchatto.com/titles/1396-9781848931008-until-darwin-science-human-variety-and-the-origins-of-race
To get the reduced price, you must use the discount code DAR153

So if you are interested in my book but found the $99 list price just way too expensive (me too!), take advantage of Pickering and Chatto's one week sale on it at the actually affordable price of c.$20 if you buy it directly from them (not Amazon, etc.).
Here is the twitter announcement:
@PickeringChatto Get 80% off our Until Darwin: Science, Human Variety,and the Origins of Race (Hardcover £60/$99 down to £12/$19.80) - use discount code DAR153