Darwin sought to not only produce a new scientific truth, but also to put an end to polygenism, the current scientific discourse on human origins that gave tacit and at times explicit support for slavery: ‘... when the principle of evolution is generally accepted, as it surely will be before long, the dispute between the monogenists and polygenists will die a silent and unobserved death.’ (Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, p. 235)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maps from Cozzens' Geological History of Manhattan or New York Island.... (1843)

Another nice gem stumbled upon in the course of other research: 

The 1899 "Biographical Sketch" of Cozzens by Capt. A. W.  Vogdes  from the American Geologist
The author at first undertook to make a geological map with sections for his own amusement and study to which he added historical facts anecdotes and reminiscences of the city so that the book might be interesting to the general reader and might induce some to read and become interested in the greatest of all sciences The book contains a geological history of New York city with map section of the palisades section of Staten island section at Stony Point on the Hudson section of the rocks of Rhode Island with one of Niagara Falls catalogue of minerals found in place on New York island &c in all 114 pages and 9 plates....The value of such a man's life and labors cannot be gauged simply by his publications We must also take into account at this early stage of the science of geology the personal help and encouragement which he gave to others and such services were at all times rendered frankly by Issachar Cozzens whose genial nature and interest in the study of geology made it more pleasant and encouraged others in these early days.
See the text for explanations of the maps. 


Capt. Vogdes biography via Google Books: